The Local Electrician in Swindon

Signs That You Need the Help of NICEIC-Approved Electricians

Electrical problems can arise in rented properties at any time, so it’s essential to keep on top of your electrical landlord safety certificates. Whether it’s a burning smell, hissing noise or a total blackout, it’s crucial that you call 24hr emergency electricians with the necessary NICEIC approval for safe results. It may be tempting to put the required work off just to save some cash or, if you’re an enthusiastic amateur, try to resolve the issue yourself. Please don’t risk it! Instead, call our NICEIC-approved, local electricians in Swindon for affordable care.

Customers can call us for electric car charging installation points and electrical landlord safety certificates alike. The latter, often referred to as the EICR, ensures landlords comply with modern legislation for the safety of their tenants.

If you feel that any of the below issues apply to you, be sure to call our 24hr emergency electricians in the Swindon area.

Strange Burning Smells – Have you noticed a smoky scent that fills the air? If so, check all electrical appliances and inspect the condition of your consumer unit. From there, turn off power to the home and call your local electricians for immediate repairs. Any delay could result in an electrical fire, so make sure you get in touch as soon as possible.

Approved with the NICEIC, our electricians respond quickly for your safety. We also help property owners in Swindon to enjoy renewable energy via electric car charging installation points.

Buzzing and Hissing – Hissing from a plug socket could indicate a wiring issue, and you’re naturally going to want to avoid touching it. 24hr emergency electricians can fault-find to understand the exact cause of these strange sounds, in turn putting your mind at ease. Before supplying electrical landlord safety certificates, our NICEIC-approved electricians check for any bizarre noises that may indicate an issue.

You Own an Electric Car – If you’ve purchased an electric vehicle in the Swindon area, you may wish to consider the benefits of an electric car charging installation point. Sourcing reliable products from Pod Point, our local electricians can install these chargers at home or your place of business. These points come with three-year guarantees and often cost less than you’d expect due to the OLEV grant scheme.

You Have New Tenants – Electrical landlord safety certificates can be requested you’re your local authority at any time. Make sure you’re prepared by receiving an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) every five years, or before new tenancy agreements. This will keep you compliant with modern laws and keep tenants safe in the longer term.

Circuit Breaker Tripping – Constantly tripping circuits are surprisingly common in places like Swindon and the surrounding areas. Instead of waiting around in the dark, make sure you add the number for 24hr emergency electricians into your phone.

Camtec Installations supplies electrical landlord safety certificates upon inspection, performs electric car charging installation work and restores damaged consumer units for homeowners. Our NICEIC-approved, local electricians take on a wide range of commercial projects throughout Swindon, delivering everything from CCTV systems to distribution boards, lighting and CCTV systems.

We also function as 24hr emergency electricians, available every day of the week. Rest assured, all members of our team hold the required approval from the NICEIC.

Please call our local electricians on 01793 495969 for maintenance, rewires and electrical landlord safety certificates in the Swindon area.